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Welcome to Poplar Grove Stud, our aim is to breed & raise top quality

Mediterranean Miniature Donkey's !

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for breeding, show or pet.

Due to one of our uniquely colored filly foals being stolen a few years ago - we now have ALL our donkeys DNA tested.
ALL our animals DNA is on file - both past and present, Jennies and Jacks.
We can track and legally determine our progeny at any time, if & when in doubt or required.

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We have chosen lovely brood Jennies based on conformation,

size, temperament and pedigree to selectively breed to our...

utterly stunning adorable Herd Sires....

kids with aminiature donkey

Because we are a small farm,

each of our gorgeous donkeys are cared for daily

with loving individual attention -

which usually means lots of kisses & cuddles !!

giving two miniature donkey foals a hug

Miniature donkeys are perfect for small acreage properties.

They are small, with the maximum height not to exceed 36" at the withers to

be eligible for registration by the American Donkey And Mule Society.

Some are as small as 26-28 inches - see Kisses in our Jenny section!

Our stud jacks are around the 28"-29" mark.

They are quiet, affectionate, intelligent, easily trained and ohhh so cuddly !

With proper care they can live on the average 25 -35 years.

Miniature Donkeys are versatile pets that can be enjoyed in many ways -

from small children on their backs, to carts and harness,

showing, school events, even picnics and carrying packs for hiking & social events!

They are easy to care for and generally stay very healthy.

They need the same yearly vaccinations as horses, regular worming,

feet filed - but no shoes are required & comfy draft free shedding.

A good basic grass hay diet, with a salt mineral lick and clean fresh water -

no rich feed as they gain excess weight and can develop an unsightly crest on

their necks which will remain for life.

They are a herd animal and should be kept preferably with another

Miniature Donkey or at the least another animal like a horse goat sheep or Alpaca.

Their small size and gentle nature make them easy to manage.


Once you meet one of these divine creatures and look

into those big brown eyes, experience their loving nature

and those huge big ears ......... you will be forever taken with them.

To see a fluffy foal is to have your heart stolen !!

They are the most adorable, affectionate creatures ......


Miniature Donkeys come in an array of colors.

The predominant color being the gray-dun, which is a gray [ grey] colored body,

light nose, light colored belly and inside legs,

with a dark dorsal stripe down the back and over their shoulders.

Story has it that their dorsal stripe or cross on their backs,

is a sign that they have been touched by the Hand of God..


drivway from gate towards house


At Poplar Grove we care about our donkeys and

want their new home to be as loving as our own........


We hope you enjoy our Donkey website !

Put a little donkey into your heart !!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have..


Members of

American Donkey And Mule Society [ ADMS ]- America

Donkey All Breeds Society Of Australia Australia [DABSA] - Australia