Welcome to Poplar Grove Stud

Where our motto " Boutique Breeding At Its Best ! "
exemplifies our commitment to
a small number of breeding stock aiming at all times for

Quality not Quantity


Our donkeys at our stud & the foals as they arrive; are listed on our website with their Full Stud Names & Pedigrees.

We are extremely proud of our stock

We want YOU to see at a glance the quality, genetics and breeding that our donkeys have been Individually Selected for - it took years of searching. .......... We want to show them off to You !

Our actuality .....

" Rare in the World

..............Without Equal in Australia " ...........©2005

is not hearsay...

Poplargrove Stud has the ONLY two micro jacks in Australia with

NMDA - American NATIONAL SHOW winning titles

The Top Guns of Halter...

They are the best of the BEST !

Then add to that... ALL our direct USA Imported Micro, Wooly and Dark Spot Jennies from world renown American studs !

There's nothing like our babies in Australia or N.Z.

voilĂ  ... sa magnifique !

Breeding to better the breed

They can copy our advertising ... It's supposed to be the highest compliment !

But they cannot rival our excellence of direct USA imported breeding stock !



Meet our newest babe...

Poplargrove Simply Ador A Bell

OMG ! Look at this girl....

Addie is Pocket's third foal born in Australia.

& his third filly!

Simply Ador A Bell is an outstanding foal...

Brilliant conformation and that color! She is stunning !

We're so very excited about our breeding program here at Poplargrove Stud



Photo below - her first morning ........Photos at only 12 hrs old


See more photos on Foals page


 Cyder's Just-A-Doll [imp USA]


32.5" Dark Spot Jennet
DOB 16/04/07
ADMS/MDR #54040
Microchip ID#on file

Sire: LN stuart Little 29.5" [USA] Black w cross Curly coat

Dam: LN Ajusta-Bo [USA] 32 " Dark Brown Spot

Our heartfelt thanks go to Judy and Bruce at Winterwood Stud.

lt was a sad day when such an ethical breeder decided to close their stud. Judy & Bruce imported some super donkeys and as such greatly enhanced Australia's gene pool.

We were so elated when Judy agreed to sell us Doll. My passion is dark spots and of course Doll fits the bill completely.

Her sire LN Stuart Little - infuses great bloodlines of both show winning micro [ 1st 2012 Texas Shoot Out over 5 yr old jacks ] and the wooly gene [ curly coat ]. Plus a super temperament.

Doll has a strong, stocky conformation with an abundance of black and spots in her quality pedigree, which includes many older breeding lines, tracing back to the original imports. Her dam has full Fisher bloodlines.

Thanks Judy & Bruce - we love her already.. She fits in sooooooo very well.

Poplargrove Stud takes the cake in breeding ...

Our recipe - proven show bloodlines with a discerning eye !


"Stock Market's Pocket Change"

own daughter...

Sunny G's Pebbles [imp USA]


Pebbles @2 yrs old. NLP She has black spots on her stomach !

Introducing ...... Sunny G's Pebbles

OMG !!! l do so love spots...

But.....Never at the expense of conformation... NO !

This filly is Pocket's own daughter...

She has all the attributes of her fathers World class accolades....

Including his exquisite dishy picture perfect head and expressive eyes...

A true black and white spot tiny girl with a pedigree full of National & World Champions !

Pebbles was only a yearling in this photo, but you can see the class this filly exudes.

. Pebbles is drop dead gorgeous !

Breeding only gets better at Poplargrove Stud ...

We are indebted to my friends, Dorie & Carmen for allowing us to buy Pebbles and her sire USA National Show winning jack "Stock Market's Pocket Change".

And to my dear friends Dayle & Joe for homing Pebbles for a year.

But special thanks go to Dayle for all her help in getting Pebbles ready for shipping to Australia. Again, these people re-write the book of 'good friends'. Thanks Dayle at Half Ass Acres for the glorious photos and video of Pebbles...


Well... OMG ! What can we say ...

The Holy Grail of Jacks is here.. (Feb 2013)

Took me years of asking, but I finally got him...

Now my band of Jacks are complete

One simply cannot get any better -

Breeding, American NMDA NATIONAL show winning conformation and looks...

Poplargrove Stud proudly introduces :

 Stock Market's Pocket Change [imp USA]

Stockmarket's_Pocket Change_Photo_HEAD_Herd_Sire_at_Poplar_Grove_Stud

This man is all class. He is absolutely stunning.

The prettiest donkey l've ever seen,

with a body and temperament to match...

3rd in large classes at the

American 2009 NMDA National Show

Shelbyville, Tennessee - Halter

Grandsires : Stock Market's Cash Dividend - World Champion.. etc etc

...................: Itsy Bitsy LN Bronson - USA National Champion ... etc

Sire........... : Itsy Bitsy Jet Pilot - USA Grand Champion Jack ....etc


Pocket Change oozes Champion presence...

* April in Australia - one month after arriving from America...

Pocket wins Supreme Champ twice !

But with his breeding & USA National title accolades

- what would you expect !

He's simply stunning....



2014 FOALS are arriving !!!

Ravishing little 100% AMMD babies

Spotteds, WOOLIES, solids 'n' fillies

ohh my heart be still....

They are Sooo cute & sooo very much more...

see Miniature Donkey For Sale Barn

or visit HorseYard.com.au

See foals page ...

Hey come and say 'Hello!!'



This is a snap shot of donkeys at

Poplargrove Stud...

How gorgeous are these donkeys ?

You won't get better breeding and imports...

Just look at the selection of show donkeys...

Micro's, Wooly's 'n' Spots....

Cutting Edge Show breeding....




Poplargrove Tiny Teddy - just so cute !!

Our wooly micro mini herd sire...

Have to say it again... we are so proud of our donkeys !

Teddy as a Yearling in sun bleached coat


Teddy currently...




OUR baby is growing up..

Not even 1 year old & look how stunning she is!

 HHAA Bells 'N' Whistles [imp USA]

Reserve Champion Jenny

Royal Geelong Show Oct. 2012

HHAA_Bells_N_Whistles_ imp_USA_Popalrgrove_Stud_Spotted_Filly_Reserve_Grand_Champion_Jenny

Photo : Courtesy of Julie Jones - JF Miniature Donkeys {USA}

Proud owners of Heikens Ark Napoleon : Whistles sire

Our darling Whistle's [imp] comes from one of THE MOST ICONIC studs in America - Half Ass Acres .

Dayle & Joe's donkeys & their donkeys offspring, win countless USA and European champion titles.

Definitely one of the most acclaimed studs in the USA.

We are so very proud to join the illustrious world wide show team!


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Proud Breeders Of Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys

You be the judge !

Don't take our word for it - or the hearsay of others.

Check how many studs you can visit & see in person

their jacks running with their jenny's with foals at foot

knowing the Jack is not only safe

but really protects and treasures the foals...

Come and see for yourself how quiet,

loving & well conformed our miniature donkeys are.

View their heights, colors and sneak a cuddle.

Our stud - the breeding facilities, stables & paddocks

all reflect the care, time & pride we have in our animals.

Rest in Peace our beloved Jazz - the most beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback creation ever made



Poplar Grove Stud is situated in Drouin South, rich dairy belt in the heart of Gippsland, Victoria. We are approx 1 1/4 hour out of Melbourne via the M1.

Easy access off the M1. Central to Melbourne and interstate transport. We are committed to a small number of breeding stock, aiming at all times for quality not quantity.

Our select Mediterranean Miniature Jacks & Jennies, have been chosen for their breeding, conformation and temperament to ensure progeny of the highest standard.

Please browse through our pages, meet our family.

lf you're looking for your new next best friend a Mediterranean Miniature donkey ...

then only great homes need apply !

This is our hobby, we aim to improve the breed

and ensure the best homes for our select babies.

Please contact us to visit the farm and see our select special donkeys

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Just visiting !

photogrpah of an ecidna




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